Every year, eight million tons of plastic waste is discarded into the world’s oceans with the potential to enter the human food supply through fish products.


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June  2019-June 2020

Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI), together with Ancora Foundation, launched "PLASTIC REBORN 2.0", which is a continuation from Plastic Reborn 1.0. This project is a continuation of the collaboration program that encourages the building of a circular economy ecosystem, including the establishment of a more efficient "market place" for waste and recycling systems in Indonesia. Coca-Cola applies the vision of a World without Waste through the PLASTIC REBORN license, which will implement through various kinds of sustainability participation in the handling of plastic waste.  

In this project, Gringgo collaborates with Clean Up, a waste pickup service company based in Gowa, Sulawesi. The collaboration will focus on developing a better waste management system model, which later can be replicated in other places in Indonesia.
By providing operational digital support for CleanUp, Gringgo challenged to develop an online platform for the trash collector to create better transparency and efficacy in what they do.

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