Every year, eight million tons of plastic waste is discarded into the world’s oceans with the potential to enter the human food supply through fish products.


July  2019-January 2021

Google strongly supports organizations that can take advantage of AI in realizing the ideas of the organization. Google believes that AI can provide new ways and solve environmental problems and can improve the lifestyle of people in the world.

Gringgo building an AI powered platform to create a better system to help categorized different type of waste and their value. This way household would understand the value in their waste at the same time contributing to improve the waste management system by making behavioral change in separating the different types of waste from the household level.

We expected that this application will make it easier for households by sorting from sources, increase monthly income for the informal waste collectors by at least 30% (from initial baselines) after using the mobile application for identifying waste materials for recycling. Increase the total amount of waste materials being recycled at local government waste facilities (Depos, TPSTs, TPSs) by 30% (from initial baselines).

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